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Women in the Rockies is a women’s retreat where your heart will be transformed by horses and the company of like-minded women. Held at Colorado’s premier guest ranch in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll be surrounded by Nature’s beauty and the healing energy of horses.

Are you:

  • Ready to create a new and livable vision for a life of wellness?
  • Ready to gain new strategies about your biggest life challenge?
  • Ready to embrace mindful living and stop mindless eating?
  • Ready to build your personal toolkit for stress management?

If YES, then this is the women’s retreat with horses for you! Duke Health Coach Janet Solie and her team are offering a special program that uses the best of the 5 star ranch amenities, its horseback riding program, and its world-renowned western hospitality along with a structured coaching program to provide a once-in-a-lifetime transformative experience.

No riding experience is necessary at our women’s retreat with horses. You will be assigned a horse that matches your needs, and to facilitate healing with horses, you will spend time on the ground bonding with your horse before you ever get in the saddle.

No riding experience necessary at this women's retreat with horses.

Explore the woods on horseback while attending our women’s retreat with horses.

My trip to the C Lazy U Ranch and participation in the Women in the Rockies program were truly life-changing. It was wonderful to ride and spend time with horses in such a beautiful and majestic place. My lifelong love of horses was rekindled and is now stronger than ever. These amazing animals have much to teach us about life, love, and the power of belonging to “the herd.”

I came to this women’s retreat with horses carrying my struggles with depression, anxiety, and what seemed like a general inability to fit in, especially with other women. I think the lessons we learned about the many facets of wellness and self-care opened our eyes to the possibilities of what we can become if we love ourselves enough to put them into practice.

Although I, and many others, arrived there with some broken pieces, I left with an understanding that I really do fit in with others and that I am really loved. I also learned that if we as women love, accept and care for ourselves and one another, we can be and do anything. Just like our horse friends we came to know and love, we also became a “herd.”


Portsmouth, Ohio

I’ve known Janet Solie for several years since we both survived breast cancer about the same time. There was an instant connection between us. She is truly one of the kindest, smartest and most fun woman I know. I wanted to attend this women’s retreat with horses just because of her.

Being from Texas, Women in the Rockies offered me the opportunity to revisit the wide open spaces of the American west. I used to ride and show horses but have not done so for almost 15 years. This was a chance to continue to focus on my wellness, spend time with Janet and other quality women, and ride again. Something I’ve always found uplifting.

Women in the Rockies at C Lazy U Ranch did not disappoint beginning with gourmet meals to wonderful cabin accommodations. The horses were well trained, responsive and well matched to our ability. We even had a night of entertainment by a famous country singer.

Some things are just meant to be. Growing up with my dad who taught me to ride, he always called me Dutchess. I heard that name many years later, when I learned that the horse I was matched with at the ranch was Dutchess.

The women were wonderful and I believe I have met one that may remain a friend for life. It felt so good to ride again and to recapture something that had been lost to me.

I had a breakthrough regarding the struggle I was having with aging and my bodily aches and pains. I found the joy of the moment. And the good in the moment. I can choose to focus on these things and bring them to life and give them expression by acting on them.


Thousand Oaks, CA