Meet Your Coach

Janet Solie, PA, MS is an integrative health coach and physician assistant who specializes in coaching women in the areas of self-care, mindful eating, cancer survival and challenging life transitions that include recovery from illness and loss. Janet has a health coaching practice in Calabasas as well as a telephone-based coaching practice,

Her life dream has been to build a wellness adventure at C Lazy U for like-minded women that focuses on wellness in a beautiful mountain ranch setting and emphasizes a deeper connection with horses. Although not a horse trainer, she believes horses offer us a path for growth and healing. She is based in both Southern California and on-ranch at C Lazy U.

Janet Solie

I recently attended the four-day Women in the Rockies Wellness Adventure program in Granby, CO. It was an inspirational experience in many ways. Janet Solie and Trudi Kissiah invested personally and professionally to create a unique group experience for the women who attended. They wove a blend of integrated mind/body wellness with horsemanship skills to produce an environment of support and expanded awareness of the importance of setting personal goals for lifelong wellness. The fabulous staff at the C Lazy U Ranch ensured that each rider felt safe and supported during the trail rides, where we not only improved riding skills but also practices mindfulness techniques. This unique balance truly provided an unforgettable life experience, which I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking balance and wellness in our otherwise hectic lives. Kim, RN

Arvada, Colorado

My week at the Ranch was a turning point for me. I hadn’t focused on just me… in quite a while. With Janet and Trudi’s help… and of course my new girlfriends! ~ I was able to prioritize my emotional and physical health. Mindfulness is now at the center of my life ~ living intentionally! I am eating less and enjoying it SO much more. I will be back! Thank you ladies. Linda, Financial Advisor