Meet Your Coach

Janet Solie, PA, MS is an integrative health coach and physician assistant who specializes in coaching women in the areas of self-care, mindful eating, cancer survival and challenging life transitions that include recovery from illness and loss. Janet has a health coaching practice in Calabasas as well as a telephone-based coaching practice,

Her life dream has been to build a wellness adventure at C Lazy U for like-minded women that focuses on wellness in a beautiful mountain ranch setting and emphasizes a deeper connection with horses. Although not a horse trainer, she believes horses offer us a path for growth and healing. She is based in both Southern California and on-ranch at C Lazy U.

Janet Solie

Meet Your Assistant Coaches

Moriah Hanson

Moriah Hanson has been working with Janet and Women in the Rockies for the past four years and is thrilled to be back. She is a Colorado native who grew up hiking, camping, boating, and horseback riding throughout the state and loves every minute she gets to spend outside. Moriah fell in love with C Lazy U Ranch in 2015 when she spent her first summer as a wrangler and has been coming back ever since, whether that be to work in the barn or assist Janet with Women in the Rockies. 

With a passion for health and the benefits that an active lifestyle provides, Moriah earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University and is a certified Exercise Physiologist. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in occupational therapy at Colorado State University, with a desire to integrate her exercise science background with occupational therapy, empowering people of all ages and ability levels to live full lives. She also hopes to incorporate her love of horses in her future practice, using their healing power to transform lives. Moriah cannot wait to see the familiar faces and get to know the new ladies as we begin the best week of the year!


Ginnie Eldridge has been a regular at the annual Women in the Rockies retreats.  She was able to take her initial fear of horses and turn it into a beacon of positivity in her life and other’s lives.  Her first horse, Apache, perfectly matched on the first day of the program became a great love. Ginnie is deeply committed to her friends at the C Lazy U Ranch and the Women in the Rockies program.  She will bring her experience, enthusiasm and exuberance to Women in the Rockies this year as one of our assistant coaches.

Ginnie lives in Denver, Colorado.  She has had a long political career in Washington DC with both major parties.  She was Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell’s chief of staff.  Ginnie is an independent woman and a natural leader.  She is involved with numerous non-profit and philanthropic projects throughout the state. After the fire at C Lazy U Ranch in 2020, she was involved in raising money for the Grand County community homeowners who lost their homes as well as fundraising for the C Lazy U barn.  

Cindy on Beau

Cindy on Beau

Karol on Tupelo

Karol on Tupelo

Kathleen on Cooper

Kathleen on Cooper

Kris on Rico

Kris on Rico

Fifty plus years ago, I was fortunate to meet my roomie and future “bestie girlfriend” at Ohio State University. Barbara was a free spirit singer and song writer and I was a parentally-controlled teenager who was never allowed to be free or adventurous except with “paint”.

Last summer Barbara called and suggested we set up a reunion in Granby, Colorado. She wanted to meet at the Women in the Rockies adventure wellness retreat at C Lazy U ranch.  I immediately sent her a check.  After all, who wouldn’t trust their bestie’s judgment?  I had always had a fantasy of riding a horse but the fact that I had never even been up close to these huge animals sent me whirling back to childhood.  “You can’t do that! You are not allowed.”

A few weeks later I spoke with Janet Solie, the founder of Women in the Rockies.  She encouraged me and found lots of reasons why I could do Women in the Rockies.  Janet said, “You can paint!”.   “No,” I said. “I’ll get lost. I’ll lose my way, I don’t even drive a car, because I am so dyslexic!”   Janet said, “We’ll drive you to a great painting spot.”  With each objection and fear I voiced, she proposed a solution.

Needless to say, we arrived at C Lazy U ranch and I loved everything!!  Great Food, New Friendships, Time around the Fire for Branding, S’mores and Singing and especially Cowboy coffee!  And YES I rode my horse, Jane and LOVED her!  I have never felt so proud and free. Also I painted watercolors of the beautiful scenery and all my new friends enjoyed watching the painting process, and loved the final results!!!  Barbara and I had such a great time, we hope to be back next year.

Thank you Women In The Rockies and C Lazy U for such a life-changing wonderful experience!

Christine L.

Fairhope, AL

My week at the Ranch was a turning point for me. I hadn’t focused on just me… in quite a while. With Janet and Trudi’s help… and of course my new girlfriends! ~ I was able to prioritize my emotional and physical health. Mindfulness is now at the center of my life ~ living intentionally! I am eating less and enjoying it SO much more. I will be back! Thank you ladies.
Linda, Financial Advisor