Your Wellness Retreat with Horses Awaits…

Among the beauty of fall in the Rockies, trail riding, wildlife viewing and the luxury setting of C Lazy U Ranch, a transformative experience beckons you.

This women’s wellness retreat is led by Duke Health Coach Janet Solie, PA, MS and her team with a focus on connecting your vision, values and voice combined with mindful living strategies, nature and horses.

This life-changing women’s adventure offers plenty of time with the coaches, nature and horses! Bring your best girlfriend, adult daughter or sister to this retreat or make new women friends here! This is the perfect program for a mother daughter retreat as we welcome all ages and stages of women.

C Lazy U Ranch is a luxury setting for a premier women’s wellness retreat with horses, well-known for its location and well-trained horses. No previous riding experience is needed.

Video by Trudi Kissiah

Women in the Rockies 4-Night Adventure

DATES: September 8-12, 2019

C Lazy U Inclusive Lodging Package Rate:

  • 4 nights
  • $345 per person, per night for double occupancy
  • $385 per person, per night for single occupancy
  • Includes: Lodging in luxurious guest cabins, all meals and most activities on ranch
  • 30% deposit required at the time of booking and full payment 60 days prior to arrival

Women in the Rockies Wellness Adventure Program Fee:

  • $750 per person for the 5 day event
  • Includes special activities, program materials, workbooks and a Members Only website for group discussions and additional resources for your use both before and after the retreat
  • This amount will be billed directly by Women in the Rockies
  • Full payment 60 days prior to arrival.

Total Package for the Women in the Rockies Event:

  • $2,478.32 per person for double occupancy*
  • $2,674.44 per person for single occupancy*

Sorry! The 2019 Event is SOLD OUT!

*Includes tax and resort fee

Sunday lunch with the woman herd at the Patio House

A Perfect First Full Day of Horses At Your Women’s Wellness Retreat

On Monday after breakfast we gather at the mounting block to begin our women’s wellness retreat with horses. There we meet our assigned horses, do a mindfulness meditation, get fitted in our saddles, and learn the C Lazy U way to move our horses on the trail before heading out in small groups.

After lunch, we have two horse intensives with our horses on the ground. We give them the best grooming session of the year as ranch horses, and we practice using natural horsemanship to connect and move our horse’s feet with ground work.

New Friends & Old Friends at Your Wellness Retreat

Our women’s wellness retreat with horses offers many opportunities to make new friends from all over the country. Last year 25 women attended representing 15 states. Women are comfortable coming alone, with friends or with a daughter or two.

We know how important it is to have time to connect with like-minded women. The program encourages friendships to develop and provides downtime to just hang out together. As a herd everybody is included once you arrive. Every evening we gather around 6 pm for a social hour followed by a gourmet dinner either in the lodge or a cookout at the Patio House followed by a fire and branding.

The women form a happy herd in our women's wellness retreat with horses

In the haywagon, going out to the pasture to mingle with the horses in their natural environment.

A Magical Time with the Horses

Our Happy Hour with the Herd is a special event just before dinner. We gather in a hay wagon and are driven to the big meadow by Scott driving the ranch tractor. It’s bouncy and fun. The setting is gorgeous. In the meadow, we circle around the big herd seeing our horses in their natural state hanging with their best friends. We are free to get out and move among the herd grazing peacefully, taking photos and finding all of our horses’ friends.

This is a spectacular offering at C Lazy U for our women’s wellness retreat with horses. Most ranches don’t have 200 head of well trained horses but at C Lazy U we do!

I cannot even begin to say how much Women in the Rockies changed my life. Now I actually the take time for myself and focus on what I need. One change that has come about is I realized I really don’t like my current living arrangements. So I found a little house in a safe neighborhood a few miles from my office and I’m under contract to purchase it.

It’s such an exciting time in my life. As much as I will always miss Aresa, I am looking forward and starting to live in the present again. I thought a lot about what we learned about how our living arrangements affect our health and so I decided to make a change.

I miss Stubby my horse and the ladies at the ranch every day. I hope that I was able to give to everyone as much as I received though I’m not sure that is possible. I definitely want to get involved with horses now that I’m home. I’m going to look for lessons and a stable nearby to volunteer at. The healing power of that sweet gentle horse astounds me every time I think about it.

I can’t thank Women in the Rockies enough for the magical week that I had at C Lazy U Ranch. I hope that I will be able to come back for another Women in the Rockies adventure in the future.


Windsor, NY

I loved how each day was balanced with great meals, horseback riding, group and individual coaching activities, and fun! Because I have a passion for riding, this was my favorite daily activity! The head wrangler matched me up perfectly with a beautiful horse named Missy, who was perfect for my riding ability. I had no idea how much I could learn from a horse! Janet skillfully taught us how to effectively communicate with our horse through special ground-work exercises, mindful grooming, and trail riding.

The trail riding is the best I’ve ever experienced…from walking to trotting to cantering…every minute to me was wonderful and exhilarating! Each day we took a new trail and saw different kinds of nature. I kept thinking “This is God’s country” as I rode through trees ablaze in fall colors, saw herds of antelope grazing on the hillsides, and birds flying high in brilliant blue skies. The whole trip was filled with photo moments that I will always treasure!

During my 5 days, I experienced much more than Wellness. I experienced a true journey…a journey that changes one’s heart. I laughed, I cried, learned life-changing lessons, formed friendships, shared favorite poems, enjoyed Michael Martin Murphey singing “Wild Fire”, ate gourmet meals, drank Cowboy Coffee and fine wine, watched campfire branding, and I formed a bond with my horse Missy, that I will never forget.


North Tustin, CA