Coming soon! Women of the Rancho retreat at the Alisal Guest Ranch. More details in March!

Your Wellness Retreat with Horses Awaits…

Among the beauty of fall in the Rockies, trail riding, wildlife viewing and the luxury setting of C Lazy U Ranch, a transformative experience beckons you.

This women’s wellness retreat is led by Duke Health Coach Janet Solie, PA, MS and her team with a focus on connecting your vision, values and voice combined with mindful living strategies, nature and horses.

This life-changing women’s adventure offers plenty of time with the coaches, nature and horses! Bring your best girlfriend, adult daughter or sister to this retreat or make new women friends here! This is the perfect program for a mother daughter retreat as we welcome all ages and stages of women.

C Lazy U Ranch is a luxury setting for a premier women’s wellness retreat with horses, well-known for its location and well-trained horses. No previous riding experience is needed.

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Women in the Rockies was featured on The Well News!

Women in the Rockies 4-Night Adventure

Due to COVID-19 we are not planning a WITR retreat in 2022. If you are interested in learning about future retreats, please send me a email at

Group meditation for going out on a trail ride

A Perfect First Full Day of Horses At Your Women’s Wellness Retreat

On Monday after breakfast we gather at the mounting block to begin our women’s wellness retreat with horses. There we meet our assigned horses, do a mindfulness meditation, get fitted in our saddles, and learn the C Lazy U way to move our horses on the trail before heading out in small groups.

After lunch, we have two horse intensives with our horses on the ground. We give them the best grooming session of the year as ranch horses, and we practice using natural horsemanship to connect and move our horse’s feet with ground work.

New Friends & Old Friends at Your Wellness Retreat

Our women’s wellness retreat with horses offers many opportunities to make new friends from all over the country. Last year 20 women attended. Women are comfortable coming alone, with friends or with a daughter or two.

We know how important it is to have time to connect with like-minded women. The program encourages friendships to develop and provides downtime to just hang out together. As a herd everybody is included once you arrive. Every evening we gather around 6 pm for a social hour followed by a gourmet dinner either in the lodge or a cookout at the Patio House followed by a fire and branding.

The women form a happy herd in our women's wellness retreat with horses

Happy Hour with the Herd occurs in the pasture, to mingle with the horses in their natural environment.

A Magical Time with the Horses

Our Happy Hour with the Herd is a special event just before dinner. We gather in a hay wagon and are driven to the big meadow by Scott driving the ranch tractor. It’s bouncy and fun. The setting is gorgeous. In the meadow, we circle around the big herd seeing our horses in their natural state hanging with their best friends. We are free to get out and move among the herd grazing peacefully, taking photos and finding all of our horses’ friends.

This is a spectacular offering at C Lazy U for our women’s wellness retreat with horses. Most ranches don’t have 200 head of well trained horses but at C Lazy U we do!

This picture is from my trip to C Lazy U Ranch with the Women in the Rockies program. It captures the most beautiful moment I have ever had with a horse.

We were working on connecting with our horses by grooming them. The last step was to take a wet wash cloth and clean their eyes and face, not always an easy thing to do with a horse. After I let him smell it and check it out, I started gently touching his face with it. I got to the point where he let me wipe his eyes. As I was looking up at him, wiping his eyes, and talking to him, he put his nose into my chest and his face against my face. I stood still and just tried to hold onto that moment. At that moment, we understood, accepted, and trusted each other. It was so beautiful and real. My heart was so full of gratitude and love for him. It brings me to tears just writing about it.

I really miss my big, sweet friend Fritz, more than I have missed anything in a long time. I hope and pray that I can see him again some day. Thank you Janet Solie for capturing this moment and sending the picture to me.


With each year, my time with WITR just gets more wonderful. This year was especially memorable for me. I was able to ride more, and better, than ever before. My horse, Beau, was a big sweet baby, but a strong friend who gave me connection to his equine realm, the present herd, and our shared place in the beautiful world surrounding us at my favorite away place – the C Lazy U Ranch. 

The location of the ranch and the riding area trails is nothing less than spectacular. The Willow Creek valley is surrounded by towering mountains that feel like a powerful embrace. This was the perfect setting for my mental and physical liberation of the daily stress that becomes so consuming. 

The sessions with Janet Solie, with input from others in the group, brought insight for some different paths I’ve already taken, and new ones to discover. I can always benefit from the enlightenment of different perspectives, and grow in appreciation and love of others whose lives are so different. 

I especially benefited from the Mind Mapping discussion and exercises. Each one of us who participated in these sessions gained knowledge of how we can examine our reasoning and decisions based on our own specific experiences and processing. This gave me great resolve, as I decided to not let emotion overcome reason. 

I look forward to continuing the peace and knowledge I’ve gained at WITR in years ahead!


Fort Worth, TX

Suan on Maverick

Suan on Maverick

Sue on Edward

Sue on Edward

Torie on Hollywood

Torie on Hollywood

Val on Fritz

Val on Fritz