Why the Rocky Mountains for a Women’s Dude Ranch Retreat?

We hold our dude ranch retreat for women in the Rocky Mountains because they offer unparalleled beauty which enhances and energizes the experience for our wellness adventure. The mountains offer inspiration for profound reflection and renewal. The responsive and calm horses and comfort of the ranch’s amenities invite deep nurturing and relaxation.

All of the elements, the location, the adventure, the wellness coaching, the safe and nurturing connections and the fun will lead the way for your self-care transformation.

Listen deeply to the sounds of nature at this dude ranch retreat for women.

The C Lazy U Ranch is a premier dude ranch in Colorado

Why C Lazy U Dude Ranch?

This transformative dude ranch retreat for women is located at the C Lazy U Ranch outside of Granby, Colorado, which combines world class service and casual mountain elegance in a serene relaxing environment.

C Lazy U is the perfect place to escape and get your cowgirl on! The ranch offers many activities, including horseback riding, guided hiking, relaxing poolside, mindful eating, and watching the herd jingle, which will be strategically intertwined into the coaching program amongst other activities.

Women’s Retreat Lodging at C Lazy U

At the C Lazy U luxury guest ranch in Colorado, participants in our dude ranch retreat for women will not be roughing it! You will stay in beautifully-appointed, spacious cabins that guarantee first-class comfort and solitude. Most of the cabins feature stone fireplaces, and have recently been remodeled  with dude ranch western style furnishings and personal touches that will make you feel perfectly at home.

Your all-inclusive stay includes new beds, daily housekeeping service, in-room safes, plush robes, refrigerators, bath products by L’OCCITANE, and Keurig coffee, tea and cocoa machines. C Lazy U also issues each guest a complimentary water bottle which you can fill with their deliciously natural spring water.

It's much easier to eat mindfully when you're eating food this delicious!

Dude Ranch Dining at C Lazy U

Women in the Rockies participants share meals together in the rustically elegant ranch dining room.  Meals are served family-style and are always a fun time to be together. We start each day at our dude ranch retreat for women with a hearty breakfast and coffee made the cowboy way. We have delicious salads and fruit at lunch and dinner with options for entrées and sides.

If you have special dietary needs every effort will be made to accommodate you. Please notify the ranch through group reservations at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

Horses at C Lazy U Dude Ranch

C Lazy U’s herd of more than 180 horses allows them to find the perfect fit for each individual’s riding ability. The horse selected for each guest by the experienced head wrangler, Ami Cullen, will match your ability and personality. You’ll work with the same horse for the duration of your stay so you can truly have a complete Women in the Rockies Adventure experience.

Together, horse and rider learn from one another throughout your stay. By the time your dude ranch retreat for women is over, you and your horse will be bonded by a trust built on patience, respect, and your time spent together.

There is a horse for every rider at C Lazy U

I took a leap outside of my comfort zone last year and visited Women in the Rockies 2016 with a very dear friend of mine who needed the same type of getaway. I say I visited because I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Having spent my entire adult life building a very successful career I found I needed something more to connect with the world around me and outside of work. I found a deep connection with wonderful women who have been challenged by all the same things in life successful women face. It was the time to let go, breathe deeply and take care of me. Sounded like a selfish concept but I believe it improved me for the people in my life. It is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself and I encourage you to take that leap of faith that I took last year. I signed up immediately for Women in the Rockies 2017 and I’m looking forward to my beautiful week in September at the C Lazy U Ranch!

Robin, Insurance Professional

Naples, Florida

Besides the extreme quality and benefits of the material presented in the program, I was particularly impressed with the horses at the ranch and the riding that was offered during the program. I’ve been riding for 48 years and not once was I disappointed. Every horse I rode was comfortable and willing; every ride included a variety of walk, trot, and canter; and every place we rode was a “wow” in my book!  The beauty of the ranch and the area is unparalleled.  After the first couple of days, I called my husband and told him it was heaven on earth and I didn’t want it to end! Ann

Newbury, New Hampshire