Joining Up with Our Herd at C Lazy U Ranch

The women who attended the our annual Women in the Rockies retreat last fall came as ten individuals and left as a herd. On the first day, horse herd behavior was introduced as a means of inclusion and self-protection. By understanding how herds communicate, they learned about the self protection herds provide to all members and the automatic acceptance and inclusion a herd offers.

This ability to self protect comes from paying attention to the moment. Horses while grazing in the meadow appear to be doing nothing except eating. But that is not true. The herd is monitoring changes in energy around them. A larger herd has a larger field of awareness that picks up the intent stare of a predator or the movement of wildlife.

In horses this is called self-protective awareness and in humans this is referred to sometimes as mindfulness or intuition. In herds this awareness expands in times of stress while in humans this often shrinks just when it is needed the most. Our group spent each morning riding together on mountain trails, learning basic grooming and ground work, and paying attention to the present. Their regrets of the past and the worries about the future were left behind.

After several days of cultivating herd communication and joining the herd, the women discovered some basic truths about their own herd behavior.

  1. You are in because you are here.
  2. There is safety and strength in a herd.
  3. All personal struggles and complexities that each women carried was unconditionally accepted into the herd.
  4. As the herd listened, each woman’s truth became a starting point for renewal.
  5. The herd carries each member as they are and in the carrying takes a huge burden off of each heart.

By the last ride, the women were riding easier and laughing like the girls they had once been so long ago- reclaiming a lightness and hope that had been missing for many so long.

In September 10- 14, 2017, we are forming a new herd for the third annual Women in the Rockies. Will you come and join our herd?

Last year we had a waiting list and encourage those who want to join us to book with C Lazy U ranch soon as we will be a small group with limited availability.

Janet and Trudi