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Welcome 2021 Cowgirls!

We are delighted to welcome you to the Women in the Rockies Adventure Wellness program Sept. 12-16th, 2021.

We created this page to help you get ready for the retreat. Of particular concern is being sure you prepare for the the altitude! Please read my advice on how to do so, it’s in the second tab below.

It’s also important that you watch the video below before you complete your Duke Wellness Assessment Tool.

If you have not yet received the Duke Wellness Assessment Tool, please contact Janet.

Please watch the video first, then fill out the Wellness Assessment Tool. Fill it out and mail back in the self-addressed envelope.


High Altitude Recommendations

For those travelers coming from out of state, we suggest you fly into Denver the day before to acclimate to the altitude. Denver is a mile high and the ranch is a little over 8200 feet on the west side of the Rocky Mountains. The next day Sunday, you can drive to the ranch in about two and half hours to three hours depending on traffic. The scenery is spectacular especially crossing the continental divide over Berthoud pass.

In my experience traveling from sea level to Colorado several times a year, it is worth taking some precautions to prevent the symptoms. Once you have altitude sickness, it can be challenging to reverse the effects. Symptoms can present as headache, shortness of breath with exertion and feeling a little under the weather. We suggest pushing fluids and a Tylenol or two the first couple days in Colorado. Avoiding alcohol until you get your mountain legs is a good idea too. Our mountain air is very dry which contributes to dehydration. Think drinking extra water, applying frequent chap stick, and sunscreen. Many of the cabins have portable humidifiers and you might want to run it at night.

The route to the ranch out of Denver is I-70 West.   The first exit at Idaho Springs will get to a Starbucks on the right after the roundabout.   Farther up the I-70 West will be the US 40 exit Empire.   Take that exit.  Slow down through Empire.  Many of these little mountain towns can be potential speed traps.   Just outside of Empire you will begin to climb to 10,000 feet to  the top of the pass.  At the summit,  you have crossed the continental divide that separates east from west.    Once you are through Winter Park you have entered an area in Colorado called Middle Park.  This is where many ranches were homesteaded in Grand County in the late 1800’s.  About three to four miles west of the little ranch town Granby, you hang a right onto Colorado 125 (it is across from Windy Gap Reservoir) .  The ranch is on your right about 3 miles or so up the road.  There is a sign and a big open entrance.  Drive as slow as a walking horse- 3 mph down the big driveway.  Stop in front of the pool and check yourself in at the Outfitters cabin.  Xandy and the OC staff will be expecting you.

We suggest on Sunday, September 13th you check into the C Lazy U Ranch at 12 pm. After you check in I will be nearby to greet you at the Patio House.  We will fit helmets, give you your program materials and eat lunch together.  At 1 pm we will all introduce ourselves and begin orientation activities.  We are going to have so much fun together this year!  As is our tradition, there will be new activities and new wellness materials.

Download a Printable Packing List

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