Reasons That Hold You Back From Joining Us

I wrote a blog a few years ago about the 10 signs you need Women in the Rockies.  Many of our women refer to that blog as a turning point when they decided to book the retreat the first time.  Sometimes we encounter someone who wants to come but is blocked by one of the reasons below.  So we thought we would go through the rationale for why those reasons might not be true.

“I have never traveled alone.”

Our adventure retreat begins the moment you leave your home for the airport.  We encourage everyone to stay one night in Denver to adjust to the altitude and then ride share together from Denver or take the train to the ranch the next morning.  Some women come alone and leave with many new friends.  Others meet in Denver and travel together to the CLazyU.   We send you suggestions for packing, and  places to stay in Denver.  We also talk to each attendee by phone a few weeks before your trip to the ranch.  You will be prepared and excited when the day comes to join us at CLazyU ranch.

“I don’t have time this year, maybe next year.”

Your health and wellbeing is the most important asset you have.  Most of us don’t value it enough until something bad happens.  The Women in the Rockies wellness retreat offers you the space and a place to make your health the priority it deserves while enjoying an adventure retreat.

“It seems too complicated for me.”

We provide contact information for everyone attending so you can communicate with each other and plan your trip.  Once you get to the ranch, you are in a luxury setting with quality food, cabins, horses and coaches.  Upon arrival, it’s an easy transition.  And the planning for the trip becomes part of the fun and the memories.

“I am not sure I have the skills to do this.”

If you are a woman, you have the skills to do this.  Our horsemanship program is geared for women who have ridden very little to very experienced riders.  We have great horses that are well trained.  The coaching is geared to bring insight into healthy eating, stress management and goal setting.  We provide all the materials you need for your own personal transformation.