Step Back Before Going Forward in 2019

Women who attend our annual retreat leave with a new set of goals along with the tools to implement them.  We attribute their clarity and commitment to change as a byproduct of the transformative experience of the being on horseback with new found friends in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the fall.  For us, it represents an emotional and spiritual “stepping back” and being open to what’s possible, a ritual that you can do any time you are ready to consult your heart about what aspect of your life needs revising.

Year end is a convenient milestone to review, reassess, and revise your goals.  If you take some time to consider the events of your life in 2018, you will soon discover your internal radar beeping at situations and issues that are ripe for recognition and intervention.  A new year offers a clean slate of possibility.

The key to successful goal setting is to identify a specific change you want to make.  Hers’s how.  Start with “why” it’s so important to make this change.  The bigger the why, the greater the odds you will have a breakthrough in implementing this goal into your life. Next list the reasons for change. Like with the why, go big on the reasons. Lastly, map out detailed steps of how you plan to do this.

In my professional coaching practice, we always set goals in the beginning that the client and I agree are achievable.  As our success builds, we add more challenging aspects as tolerated. Here are some tips that I find work well for most women who are setting goals.

  1. Right size the goal to insure it’s achievable.
  2. Set short interval time frames- 2 weeks to 30 days.
  3. Be patient with yourself and give your inner critic the month off.
  4. Expect setbacks and roadblocks.Use them to show off your creativity for a work around.

Remember it’s a process that has a mind of its own.  Go with the flow.  As long as you do your best with an open heart you will make progress.

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