Coach Notes for Women in the Rockies

Step Back Before Going Forward in 2019

Women who attend our annual retreat leave with a new set of goals along with the tools to implement them.  We attribute their clarity and commitment to change as a byproduct of the transformative experience of the being on horseback with new found friends in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the fall.  For us, it represents an emotional and spiritual “stepping back” and being open to what’s possible, a ritual that you can do any time you are ready to consult your heart about what aspect of your life needs revising.

Year end is a convenient milestone to review, reassess, and revise your goals.  If you take some time to consider the events of your life in 2018, you will soon discover your internal radar beeping at situations and issues that are ripe for recognition and intervention.  A new year offers a clean slate of possibility.

The key to successful goal setting is to identify a specific change you want to make.  Hers’s how.  Start with “why” it’s so important to make this change.  The bigger the why, the greater the odds you will have a breakthrough in implementing this goal into your life. Next list the reasons for change. Like with the why, go big on the reasons. Lastly, map out detailed steps of how you plan to do this.

In my professional coaching practice, we always set goals in the beginning that the client and I agree are achievable.  As our success builds, we add more challenging aspects as tolerated. Here are some tips that I find work well for most women who are setting goals.

  1. Right size the goal to insure it’s achievable.
  2. Set short interval time frames- 2 weeks to 30 days.
  3. Be patient with yourself and give your inner critic the month off.
  4. Expect setbacks and roadblocks.Use them to show off your creativity for a work around.

Remember it’s a process that has a mind of its own.  Go with the flow.  As long as you do your best with an open heart you will make progress.

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Celebrating the Women in the Rockies Experience

Celebrating the Women in the Rockies Experience
Courage is not doing something in the absence of fear but knowing that something else is more important than fear. So we do it.Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

And we did it, a bigger and better program with twenty-three women from across the country who came together in two small groups at C Lazy U Ranch for our third annual Women in the Rockies Wellness Adventure. Collectively, we generated of wave of courage and inspiration that spread across the network of our lives including bystanders who were intrigued by what we were up to. All of us witnessed how “what we were up to” grew day by day, a collective synergy that nurtured and supported our goal to find a better game plan for our lives. And that’s just what we did. We found a better plan.

We believe that this year’s program had a deep resonance for most of you. We firmly believe in the transformative power of the program’s connections, to each other, to your horse and to the immense presence of Colorado Mountains in the fall. We watched how they all conspired to calm you down and give your heart the space to exhale.

It was also gratifying to see attendees who were less experienced riders expertly grooming their horses and becoming the leader of the rider-horse partnership through gentle ground work.

Trudi and I know how important these memories are for all of us as we return to the deafening buzz of “life back home.” They provide a 24/7 restorative reservoir of moments and images you can draw upon at anytime you want to reconnect to the emotional landscape of the retreat. It proves a wonderful antidote for the exhaustive transaction density of the world we live in.

We appreciate and value your evaluations. We are a work in progress and welcome the opportunity to learn about ways to fine tune and enhance the Women in the Rockies going forward. This includes finding the optimal balance between free time, horse time and program time.

Lastly, the ranch has begun re-booking for our 2018 program, which will be just one session. They are holding twenty cabins for our group and offering a special discount of 10% off if you book and pay your deposits by October 31, 2017. Based on the returning attendees and the waiting list of those who want to attend for the first time, we anticipate selling out again this year. We also want to encourage you to consider trip insurance. As we found out this year, life is messy and unpredictable and the insurance is a good hedge against things that are out of your control.

Happy Trails,
Janet & Trudi

Beyond Intentions

Beyond Intentions

Few of us lose or maintain weight by desire because intentions without a viable game plan are no plan at all. We need an engagement process that offers a new awareness and approach to our love/hate relationship with food. We call this intention implementation system mindful eating. Keep Reading!

10 Signs You Need A Rockies Adventure Retreat

10 Signs You Need A Rockies Adventure Retreat

1. You feel a deepening ache for the mountains in the fall. They are calling you.

2. Your dream mountain adventure takes place in a beautiful location with luxury accommodations. Roughing it is not your style.

3. You want to live a more healthy life and are at a loss of how to do it. Keep Reading!

Joining Up with Our Herd at C Lazy U Ranch

Joining Up with Our Herd at C Lazy U Ranch

The women who attended the our annual Women in the Rockies retreat last fall came as ten individuals and left as a herd. On the first day, horse herd behavior was introduced as a means of inclusion and self-protection. By understanding how herds communicate, they learned about the self protection herds provide to all members and the automatic acceptance and inclusion a herd offers. Keep Reading!

Save The Date For Women in the Rockies

Save The Date For Women in the Rockies

The mountains are calling and I must go—John Muir

When our kids were little, I made the bold decision to book a family vacation at the C Lazy U Guest Ranch near Granby, Colorado.  We were living in Los Angeles, and my dream was have our girls experience what I had loved about growing up near the Rocky Mountains.  What started as a vacation wound up being a turning point in my life. Keep Reading!